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Updated: Friday, August 24, 2018 

These are links to previously posted sites I had on the main page--mostly archives and stuff for me or the family to check!

In Memory Of Barb and Dave Trip 2/2015

Trip Photos 2011 

SA  2013

1st Pics

Kruger Park 6/2013-higher quality on flick 

Surf Reports
Pics Summer


Eastern Cape Algae Movie 

Lions, Leapords, Civets
Aa Elephants
Shark dive site

(I am on July 6ths page!)

Drive-PE to CT Map






Cape Buffalo




Monkeys, Baboons

Hippos Rhinos surfspot pics (google earth)
Mongoose Zebra
South Africa Vacation Information Kudu Impala
Hynea Pumba


Trip Photos-Shark Dive -Underwater Shots (7/6/07)   SA 3/05
Trip 2/2015   Trip Photos 1 (June 24th)-East London, Kidds Beach and Port Alfred

Trip Photos 2 (June 29-July3-coast/J Bay, Addo Park)

Trip Photos 3 (July 4,6,7,8-Cape Town-Shark Dive)

Shark pics smaller to view

  S.A. Photos  June/July 2003
SA  2013

1st Pics

Kruger Park 6/2013-higher quality on flickr


  Venice Beach Trip-Shark Teeth   Pool Final     / Tiger Photo
Trip Photos 2011   Shuttle 7/4/06   Halloween 2004    /     New UW Cam Pics
Trip Photos   Thanksgiving 2006   Tornado pics!    / 
New Photos 12/09        
Updated: Friday, August 24, 2018