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Updated: Thursday, February 16, 2017 

These are links to previously posted sites I had on the main page--mostly archives and stuff for me or the family to check!

In Memory Of Barb and Dave Birds Buck Surf Reports
Cape Buffalo Lions, Leapords, Civets
Reptiles Elephants
Shark dive site

(I am on July 6ths page!)

Drive-PE to CT Map

Giraffe Monkeys, Baboons
Hippos Rhinos surfspot pics (google earth)
Mongoose Zebra
South Africa Vacation Information Kudu Impala
Hynea Pumba


Trip Photos-Shark Dive -Underwater Shots (7/6/07)   SA 3/05
Trip 2/2015   Trip Photos 1 (June 24th)-East London, Kidds Beach and Port Alfred

Trip Photos 2 (June 29-July3-coast/J Bay, Addo Park)

Trip Photos 3 (July 4,6,7,8-Cape Town-Shark Dive)

Shark pics smaller to view

  S.A. Photos  June/July 2003
SA  2013

1st Pics

Kruger Park 6/2013-higher quality on flickr


  Venice Beach Trip-Shark Teeth   Pool Final     / Tiger Photo
Trip Photos 2011   Shuttle 7/4/06   Halloween 2004    /     New UW Cam Pics
Trip Photos   Thanksgiving 2006   Tornado pics!    / 
New Photos 12/09        
Updated: Thursday, February 16, 2017