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About 80 incidents with sharks in 2007.
2008 - 97 recorded incidents

2009--96 incidents--4 fatal


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Fisherman Dean Brougham tells of lucky escape after shark attack

November 9, 2009

Mr Brougham was swimming about 20m off the shore looking for shellfish at a cove near the town of Normanville on SA’s Fleurieu Peninsula when he was bitten by the shark, which was estimated to be almost 3m (10ft) long.

He said he was resurfacing after diving down to the ocean floor to see if there were any fish to catch when he felt something bite. After fighting off the shark he swam to the cliffs where the brother of his girlfriend was fishing, to raise the alarm. “The swim from where it happened to the cliff felt like forever,” Mr Brougham said.

He was treated by doctors at a nearby hospital and will need further surgery on his ankle after his Achilles tendon was almost ripped off in the attack, but Mr Brougham said he is simply happy to be alive.

Vilanculos Shark Attack Zambezi Shark Bites Spearfisherman

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Detailed account here…

Surfer Nibbled at San Onofre State Beach

On October 24, 2009 Scott Barton and his companion, Emily Sondergaard, were surfing San Onofre State Beach at Trail 5. It was 5:30 PM and they had been on the water 45 minutes. They were about 20 yards from shore in water 4 feet deep with an estimated temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and visibility of 3 – 4 feet. The ocean was calm with a clear sky and an estimated air temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. No marine mammals were observed in the area.

Barton reported; “My girlfriend and I were surfing at Trail 5 Saturday evening. It was a beautiful afternoon, with almost no wind, warm air and water, and 2 – 4 foot waves coming in. Several fish were felt and seen in the water around my feet and legs prior to the incident. They appeared to be grunion. I had just caught a wave and rode it in, and was turning my board around to paddle back out.

As I was about to get back on my board to begin paddling, I felt something brush against the calf of my leg. I was wearing a spring suit, so I could distinctly feel that it was some type of animal, and not just a piece of kelp or seaweed. It startled me, so I kind of jumped up a bit to try to get back on my board, but before I could, I felt several sharp teeth puncture my big toe and underside of my left foot. It caused a sharp pain, and I knew instantly that I was bleeding.

My first reaction was to try to get it off so I shook my leg hard, and it let go. I called to my girlfriend that I had just been bitten, and that we should get out of the water. So we both exited the water and walked up the beach. It was there that I discovered three puncture wounds on my big toe and one on the arch of my foot. This was clearly not a stingray wound or anything else I could think of. Then we cleaned and dried the cuts on the beach and went home.”

The three punctures to the top of the left foot/big toe demonstrate an ‘interspace measurement' of 1 centimeter, or 0.4 inches, between each cut. The slice to the arch of the left foot is approximately one-half inch in length. The configuration and spacing of the individual tooth punctures is consistent with upper and lower jaw teeth of a small shark. Please report any shark sighting, encounter or attack to the Shark Research Committee.

Man Hospitalized After Hawaii Shark Attack
Monday, October 19, 2009

KIHEI, Hawaii — A 54-year-old man has been attacked by a shark while surfing at Kalama Beach Park on Maui.

Maui County spokeswoman Mahina Martin says the unidentified man was bitten Monday morning in the upper right thigh and the lower part of his right ankle.

The man was transported to Maui Memorial Medical Center. His condition wasn't immediately available.

Martin says the shark is believed to have been a 6- to 8-foot sand shark.

In response to the shark attack that occurred shortly after 6 a.m., ocean use from the south end of Kamaole 1 Beach Park to Waiohuli Road in Kihei was closed to beachgoers until sunset.

County and state personnel will continue to patrol and monitor the shoreline and near shore waters throughout the day.


Matt Bowen, 23, from Warrington, survived the attack when the 10ft (3m) Bull shark sank its teeth into his leg. -

Man survives Australia shark bite

Mr Bowen needed surgery and physiotherapy to help him walk again
A Cheshire man has described the moment he was bitten by a shark while diving off the west coast of Australia as a "horror story".

Matt Bowen, 23, from Warrington, survived the attack when the 10ft (3m) Bull shark sank its teeth into his leg.

The gas fitter, who was in Australia as part of a round-the-world trip, was taken to hospital in Albany before being moved to Perth for surgery.

He has a permanent scar and needed six weeks of physiotherapy to walk again.

Mr Bowen told BBC News: "I just could not believe it, it was kind of like one of those horror stories.

"I turned around and it was there, I panicked, then adrenaline kicked in and I kicked like crazy."

He managed to get free from the shark's jaws by kicking it and swimming with a fellow diver to the surface to call for help.

Bull sharks, described as unpredictable and aggressive, are said to be one of the top four most dangerous species of shark in the world.

Mr Bowen, who decided to stay in Australia and continue his travels, said the attack had not deterred him from going diving in the future.

"Diving has been the best thing I have done since I've been travelling, I know it is random, the attack, so it won't put me off, " he added.

He initially though the bite was his friend playing a prank until he saw the shark.

"I kind of felt the bite, then it chomped on me, and shook me a little bit.

"It was the initial bite and after that it just went numb."

Daniel Callahan bitten September 26th, 2009

Daniel Callahan went for one last swim at his Key Colony Beach home. He had sold the home and went for a final swim at about 5:30 PM on September 26th, 2009. Upon jumping in he was attacked by an estimated 8 foot bull shark. The shark bit his foot. He was able to escape and required 130 internal and external stitches to close the wounds on his foot.

Missing Ross Twp. Man Found Dead Of Shark Attack

Authorities Say Richard Snead Went Swimming Off Outer Banks

POSTED: 9:36 pm EDT September 14, 2009
UPDATED: 7:25 pm EDT September 18, 2009

A Ross Township man who disappeared in the water off the North Carolina coast has been found dead, bitten by a shark.


The body of Richard A. Snead, 60, was discovered Thursday morning on the beach in Kill Devil Hills, according to a statement from Currituck County Sheriff Susan Johnson's office.

"He was a wonderful person, wonderful father, wonderful husband, just became a grandfather about a year ago and was going to be a grandfather again here in November," next-door neighbor Al Bialek told Channel 4 Action News.

Local police said Snead was last seen going swimming off the Outer Banks at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

The beach was marked with red flags, warning people to stay out of the water, police said.

The state medical examiner's office in Greenville, N.C., determined the cause of death to be injuries from a shark bite.


Sunday 30 August 2009

Mossel Bay surfer dies in Shark Attack at Glentana bay.

Mossel Bay local surfer Gerhard van Zyl died this weekend after being attacked by an unidentified species of shark at Glentana Bay, close to Mossel bay. Van Zyl was surfing at Glentana Bay with a friend at around 15:00 on Saturday the 29th of August when the attack took place. The Shark bit his leg off above the knee during the attack, and Van Zyl was helped to the beach by his friend, who applied a tourniquet to his leg while they waited for assistance. Authorities soon after the attack and Van Zyl was airlifted to a hospital in George. Unfortunately despite the medical teams best efforts, he was declared dead shortly after arrival at the hospital. According to Southern Cape Surfing chairman Mike Sheppard, this is the first recorded shark attack at Glentana bay, which is becoming a popular surf spot. “It is an active stretch of beach. Surfers are making use of it more and more, but this is the first we've heard of a shark attack there.” Sheppard said. Sheppard also said the event had saddened the local surfing community, “Everyone's emotional, it's a very sad day for us. You have lots of people surfing here each day and this really hits home for us.” He said. Condolences have gone out to the Van Zyl Family from the local surfing community.

Woman Details Shark Encounter Off Carlsbad Beach

POSTED: 4:11 pm PDT September 1, 2009UPDATED: 6:59 pm PDT September 1, 2009

SAN DIEGO -- An Encinitas woman is recovering after she was attacked by a shark last Tuesday at Terramar Beach in Carlsbad.A day of swimming and taking underwater pictures turned into a frantic experience for Bethany Edmund."I felt a sharp pinching pain on my foot," said Edmund. The pain came from a shark sinking its teeth into her foot. The water she was in was 8- to 10-feet deep, and she thought she had kicked a reef."I started swimming sideways on my side and that's when I got hit for the third time, about 30 seconds after I started swimming and that one propelled me about a foot out of the water," said Edmund.But then Edmund was hit again, and the force caused a big bruise on her leg.She said, "I literally felt someone took my ankle and yanked me backwards, and I thought it was the swimmers that were near me. So I surfaced and I looked around and said, 'Hey, don't pull my foot, it's not funny guys,' and they were like, 'We didn't touch you; we're 10 feet from you.'"The shark took another bite on her calf."I went and caught the next wave and I felt the same sharp pain on my calf, but this time I got pulled down and shaken around for four or five seconds and I accidently kicked it and it let me go and to that point I was in waist-high water and I started running," said Edmund.After looking at the pictures Edmund took, one shark expert told 10News the puncture wounds came from a baby Great White shark.The expert said the shark was about 5- to 6-feet long next to Edmund, who is 5 feet 3 inches tall.Adult Great White sharks can grow up to 20-feet long, and Edmund's encounter was not the first report of Great Whites in the area.Last year, triathlete David Martin died when a Great White shark attacked him in Solana Beach.The expert said Edmund's bright-green toenail polish might have triggered the attack."The water was clear enough that the sun could hit my nail polish and reflect it, and so he (the expert) says the first bite was thinking it was a fish and it realized it didn't want me then I wasn't leaving the area and then it got aggressive because maybe that's it's area to hunt," said Edmund.Lifeguards said they looked for the shark but were not able to locate it, and no further shark sightings have been reported since Edmund's encounter.In the meantime, Edmund's love for the water has not wavered as she was back in the ocean just two days after the attack.


Sharks and jellyfish and other critters that bite and sting

posted by Ludi Lelis on Aug 11, 2009 6:12:59 PM

A tourist from Spain has become the 7th person this year to be bitten by a shark off Volusia County waters. 26-year-old man suffered a minor bite on his left foot, as he sat on his surfboard, waiting for a wave about a mile north of Beach Street, said Volusia County Beach Patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn. The bite occurred around 7 p.m., and though it’s not the usual spot for shark bites (well north of the known spot in New Smyrna Beach), Petersohn thought that the fact that it occurred close to nightfall may have been a factor. Beachgoers may have noticed the purple flags flying at the lifeguard towers.Purple, according to the colored flag system, means the presence of dangerous marine creatures. That can mean sharks, but in this case, it actually refers to a handful of stings, possibly jellyfish stings, reported in recent days. Petersohn suspected the culprit may have been sea nettles or sea wasps, rather than jellyfish, but the few stings have been minor and easily treated.

Shark Attack at Brenton Sound

This Beach Beat reporter, enjoying Sunday afternoon with my son, actually saw a dozen deteriorating jellyfish bodies wash ashore. None of them were alive by the time they hit the sand. They didn’t even have tentacles These type of jellyfish, which shows up seasonally, aren’t the type that normally sting. Still, the purple flags are up as a warning. Chris Haynes Jr., the Jackson businessman bitten by a shark over the weekend, is still in a hospital recovering - and is even considering going back to the same spot."He's fine," Chip Haynes said of his father. "He's not nearly as shocked about it as the rest of us."Haynes Jr., 62, is listed in fair condition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center following preliminary surgery on Monday.Surgeons at the Jackson hospital "made an incision on his foot to see what's going on, cleaned it out really well, and will wait until Wednesday to try and fix it," Chip Haynes said.Haynes Jr. was bitten on the foot Saturday as he and others fished for speckled trout in waist-high water near Breton Sound, about 85 miles southeast of New Orleans. On Wednesday, surgeons will try to repair damaged tendons in his foot, his son said.Chip Haynes, 20, was one of a half-dozen Jackson-area men on the fishing trip who witnessed the attack on his father, the owner of Chris Haynes Electric Supply Inc. in Jackson.Joe Gex, 45, of Ridgeland was another.We love fishing the Breton Sound and had gotten a good fishing report from Curlew Island, south of Breton Island," Gex said."We had done this routine many times without any hitches, other than bug bites or a hook in the finger."Who would have thought there would be a shark attack?"Curlew Island, site of the attack, has been under water the past few years, Gex said. "You have to find it with a GPS."The fishing party anchored Haynes Jr.'s 30- to-34-foot boat, The Predator, on Saturday morning near the island. Because they were catching mostly ladyfish, they moved farther north.That's where Gex caught a five-pound speckled trout."Then Chris Jr. came over to join me," Gex said. "And I looked in the water and said, 'There's a pretty good shark in front of us.'"As soon as I said it, the shark, just as fast as he could, ran into Chris."I asked him if he was OK, and he said, 'He knocked me down but didn't bite me.' "A couple of the men in the fishing party climbed into the boat; but Gex, Chris Haynes Jr. and others stayed put."About five minutes later, I heard my son, Joseph yell, 'Shark!' " Gex said."This time, he attacked Chris and wouldn't let go."Standing on The Predator about 300 yards away, Chip Haynes saw his father drop."I thought it was a stingray at first," he said.Gex and George Stewart helped the injured man limp toward The Predator while Chip Haynes guided the boat as close to them as he dared in the shallow water."There was a lot of blood, Gex said. "He was bleeding in the water with the sharks."On the boat, the men used towels on Haynes Jr.'s leg as a tourniquet and held them together with electrical tape.They radioed the Coast Guard, which sent a helicopter to take Haynes Jr. to a New Orleans-area hospital. Later, an ambulance transported him to UMC.As on other trips, the anglers had kept their catch on stringers that floated on the water behind them.The stringers are hooked to belts the anglers wear, said Walter Moses, a salesman with Haynes Jr.'s business who wasn't able to make this trip."If a shark hits your stringer, you've got to have the presence of mind to undo your hook from the belt; if you don't, you're going with the shark," Moses said."A few years ago, a shark went after my fish, and I was almost dinner."One expert advises anglers against using stringers."You're basically sending a signal to any shark nearby that here's a free meal," said Eric Hoffmayer, shark biologist at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs.The shark who bit Haynes Jr. could have been a bull, lemon, black-tip or tiger, he said."They can all get relatively large and do a lot of damage."

Teen recovering after shark attack in the Bahamas

Posted: Aug 3, 2009 04:20 PM EDT Monday, August 3, 2009Reported by: NBC News

A Florida teen is recovering after surviving a shark attack while diving in the Bahamas.The spearfishing trip turned into a big scare for Derek Mitchell and his father Dale. Derek, his father and some neighbors were spearfishing off Spanish Cay when they noticed a couple of sharks close byWhen one of the guys they were with caught a fish and did not bring it up in time, a 7-pound Bull shark got a whiff and headed right for them."Because Derek didn't have a fish, I knew the shark would turn around and go away," said Dale Mitchell.

 The shark did turn away, but seconds later, it turned around and grabbed onto Derek's' calf."I didn't even know I got bitten. I thought I just got bumped by the shark, it didn't even go through my mind 'til I saw some blood," said Derek.Dale and some of the guys on the boat used a spear to scare the shark away, but it was too late. The bite was very deep and Derek could hardly move.After he got onto the boat they rushed to get the teen to a hospital for treatment.Within hours they charted a plane to fly Derek back to Palm Beach International Airport where paramedics were standing by. When he arrived paramedics rushed him to St. Mary's Medical Center, where he underwent surgery to clean and close the wound.The bite punctured Derek's Achilles tendon, but doctors were able to repair a lot of the damage. They say the teen should be walking with the help of crutches in the next few weeks.


Teenager hurled sky high by shark

Samantha Turnbull   |  July 31st, 2009Zac Skyring shows just how close he came to the sharp end of a shark yesterday. Pic: Brad WagnerLESS than two hours after Broken Head 14-year-old Zac Skyring was attacked by a bronze whaler, he was at school telling the tale to his classmates.Zac went for a surf about 6.15am yesterday as he does every morning at Broken Head, south of Byron Bay and within walking distance of his home.While he was paddling out between the breaks known as Derek's and The Rivermouth, he saw a 1.5m shark swim up underneath his surfboard."It was like a bronze flash and it happened really fast," he said.The shark hit the underside of Zac's board and catapulted him through the air."It was really forceful, very strong," he said."But I was in shock -- I didn't really know what had happened."His father Nigel Skyring was about 50m away and saw the whole thing.He said when he noticed the shark he immediately began paddling towards his son.Zac had a mouthful of blood which made his dad immediately assume the worst"I thought, 'Oh no, it's grabbed him. There's blood coming out of his mouth'," said Mr Skyring.Then Zac jumped back on his board and caught a wave into shore.Mr Skyring paddled on to the same wave to follow him in."We realised he was bleeding from the mouth because the board had hit him," he said.When they reached the sand, they noticed three puncture marks on Zac's left arm.The shark's teeth had ripped through Zac's wetsuit and also his watchband."It wasn't a bite though, it's more of a graze," said Zac. "I don't remember it happening. It didn't hurt at the time but it's a bit sore to touch now."Mr Skyring and Zac then walked back their house and called Zac's mother Maxine Molyneux who had left for work.She said she was not sure whether to believe the story at first."Nigel said, 'Zac's in shock' and I said, 'OK, make sure he has a warm shower because if he's going to school, he's only got 15 minutes before he has to be on the bus'," she said.Mr Skyring made his son a hot Milo to calm him down and Zac called a friend."I think once he had the chat to his mate it helped. It was a debrief," said Mr Skyring.When Zac got off the phone he decided his story was too good to miss a day of school at Xavier College in Lennox Head."I was happy to go," he said."I told everyone about it and showed them my arm. They couldn't believe it."Mr Skyring and Zac said they would both go out for another surf this morning at Broken Head and wanted to make it clear they wished the bronze whaler no harm.


Texas teen bit by shark at South Padre

15 stitches needed to close leg wound

Updated: Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009, 11:50 AM EDTPublished : Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009, 11:48 AM ED

EDINBURG, Texas (AP) - An Edinburg, Texas teen needed 15 stitches to close a leg wound after a shark bit her left leg.Deidre Casas said she got an ankle bracelet with a shark tooth to mark her ordeal.The 14-year-old said she was in the Gulf of Mexico at South Padre Island on Friday when she reached a sandbar near some hotels.Casas told KRGV-TV something was tugging on her left leg, then "there was blood everywhere." The girl headed for shore to get help.Her mother, Joann Casas, said doctors did X-rays and decided the girl was bitten by a small shark, based on the type of wound and marks on her lower leg.The cut runs several inches across the front upper part of the girl's ankle.

Shark bites woman in foot at N.C. beach

HOLDEN BEACH, N.C. — A 26-year-old woman was bitten by a shark in the ocean at Holden Beach, making her the state’s first shark bite victim this year, officials said.Witnesses told police that Julia Anne Mittelberg, of Morton, Ill., was bitten while in about four feet of water off the 400 block of Ocean Boulevard West, said Chief Wallace W. Layne with the Holden Beach Police Department.Mittelberg told police the incident happened around 3 p.m. Wednesday. She said she felt something bite her left foot, then made her way to shore, where she saw a bite on her foot, police said. George Burgess, curator of the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida, which tracks shark attacks nationwide, said the shark bite is the first reported in North Carolina this year.

 None has been reported this year in South Carolina, he said.


Shark attacks 19-year-old Admiral Farragut grad swimming behind her home in St. Pete Beach

By Jamal Thalji and Kameel Stanley, Times Staff Writers

In Print: Thursday, July 23, 2009 ST. PETE BEACH — Handyman Wilbur Drummond was working next door when he joked to the young woman swimming in the murky waters of Boca Ciega Bay that she better watch out. "I said, 'Girl you better get out of the water,' " he said. "What if some big fish takes a bite out?" Minutes later, he heard screaming. The 19-year-old woman was bitten by a shark while swimming behind her home on Wednesday afternoon, according to St. Pete Beach Fire Rescue. Jenna James was bitten below her right knee, according to St. Pete Beach Fire Marshal Ernie Hand. She was in the water just 10 to 12 yards from her backyard dock when she was attacked by an as-yet-unidentified species of shark. The wound was considered serious but not life-threatening, Hand said. He did not believe the victim was in danger of losing her leg. James, a graduate of Admiral Farragut Academy, was taken to Bayfront Medical Center for emergency treatment. She was rescued from the water by her sister, according to the fire marshal. The sister pulled her injured sibling out of the water and was treating her wounds when paramedics arrived. "Her sister, I think, falls in the line of an everyday hero," Hand said. "Her sister did a great job tending to her. She wrapped the wound in several towels which became a pressure bandage." James was conscious while en route to the hospital, the fire marshal said. The incident took place about 3 p.m. at the family's home at 7015 Boca Ciega Drive. Drummond, 44, said the sister called him over to help secure the family's dog before paramedics arrived. He said the flesh on James's bloody leg looked like it had been shredded. The attack occurred less than 3 miles from the scene of the last shark bite fatality in the Tampa Bay area. On Aug. 30, 2000, a 9-foot, 400-pound bull shark killed Thadeus Kubinski, 69, who was swimming off his own backyard dock at 4321 Holland Drive. The shark crushed his rib cage and tore his liver, authorities said.

Surfer survives shark attack by grabbing tail to stop it biting him

By Ian Evans

Last updated at 11:13 AM on 10th July 2009A surfer has spoken of the moment he was forced to hang on to a shark’s tail in a desperate battle to survive.Paul Buckley grabbed hold of the creature in a bid to restrain it after it sunk its teeth deep into his leg.'I  was actually paddling back to shore because I hadn’t had that great surfing when I was flipped in the air with such force,' he said.   Survivor: Paul Buckley, left, with Boeta de Witt who helped him get medical help after the shark attack' I just knew in my  gut that it was a shark. It  was like a 500lb Rottweiler in a very bad mood. 'The force was incredible. The first thing I said when I was attacked  was "No, please God not like this."'I didn’t see the shark’s eyes because his back was towards me but that was when  I grabbed its tail.  'No doubt I was scared. I feared for my life so I just grabbed it. I thought if I held it by the tail, its mouth could not reach me again.Mr Buckley, 37, was released after a few seconds and then frantically swam the 100m back to shore near Stilbaai, which is near the tourist resort of MosselBayon which faces the Indian Ocean.

Witnesses bundled him into a car and rushed him to a doctor so the bite - which was nearly 37cm wide and 3cm - could be closed.The businessman was then taken to hospital where he received 150 stitches. If  it had been a little further over to the left or right, or if it had taken out a chunk, it could have been much worse,' he said.Killer: Sharks are common off the shores of South Africa but there have been few casualties in recent years'It’s  one of those things that just happens. If you look at the probability,  it’s just so unlikely.'The shark was doing what comes naturally – looking for food. I owe him one really  because he could have easily come back and clamped his teeth round me but he didn’t and just swam away.'But yes, I’ll certainly still surf.'LIfeboat spokesman Rico Menezies estimated the shark was three-and-a-half metres  long. 'I’m certain it was a great white,' he added.Despite the number of sharks that swim off the warm seas  of South  Africa, attacks are still quite rare with an average of six a year. Since 1990, only a quarter have resulted in serious injury and only 12 per cent have been fatal.Scientists believe surfers are at increased risk because sharks mistake them for seals, which are easy prey.Great Whites, which can grow up to 6m, are especially prevalent off  False Bay, Cape  Town, which has one of the highest densities of the  killer fish in the world

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Shark Attacks Girl On Boogie Board

12-Year-Old Bitten On Ankle Off Daytona Beach

POSTED: Monday, July 6, 2009UPDATED: 9:37 am EDT July 6, 2009

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A 12-year-old Ohio girl on a boogie board off Daytona Beach was attacked Sunday by a shark, officials said.  6th Shark Attack In Volusia In '09 According to Volusia County Beach Patrol, the girl was in water about 4-feet deep near the Zelda Beach Approach at about 4 p.m. when the shark bit her ankle. The girl's parents drove her to a hospital, where she received stitches for her wound. Beach Patrol officials said murky water and baitfish in the area likely caused the attack. The incident marks the sixth shark bite in Volusia County this year.



Shark Nibbles On Orlando Man At Clearwater Beach

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 7:33:12 AM

CLEARWATER BEACH -- A tourist from Orlando was bitten by a shark Monday night in the waters off Clearwater Beach. Dana Joseph said he was swimming about 100 yards offshore, near Pier 60, when he felt a tug at his right ankle. Joseph said moments later, he saw a shark about six feet long, and quickly began swimming back to shore. “I went out in the water a little too deep, and a shark grabbed my leg,” Joseph said. “I panicked and called my son, Devin, and he thought I was playing, and I wasn’t. It was a scary situation. I’m just glad no one else got hurt. It hurt really bad.” Joseph, who refused a trip to the hospital, suffered an injury to his foot and ankle. He was treated at the scene. However, Joseph’s wife drove him to an area hospital later. Late Monday night, fishermen near the pier caught what they said was the shark involved in the incident


2 Bit By Sharks Near New Smyrna Jetty

Emergency Officials Report Only Minor Injuries

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- Two people were bit by sharks in separate incidents at New Smyrna Beach Saturday morning.

Emergency officials said the bites happened near the jetty, about 100 yards from the shore.The first person, Dave Bryant, of Sanford, was bitten on his hand. The second is a well-known doctor from the area, Dr. Bryan Heath, who was bitten on his foot. Both men were surfing at the time of the bites.As Dave Bryant walked out of the hospital, he showed off his injuries."It's a little bit sore," he said. "The pain's starting to kick in. He nailed me. I got about 23 stitches.He said, based on the size of the bite, he thinks the shark was about 5 feet long."He chomped down and fortunately released it," Bryant said. "It was like a 100-foot ride in with my nub tight because I didn't know how bad my hand was bleeding."Fellow surfer and local photographer Kem McNair captured images of Bryant after first helping him."I had pressure on his wrist to keep the bleeding down, had it up in the air," McNair said.As Bryant headed to the hospital, McNair said he noticed something else in the same place, not far from the rocks where the bites are common."Within one minute, another truck comes zooming down the beach and I go down maybe 100 yards and there's another guy laying on the surfboard," he said.McNair said he knows the man well. He said the victim, of whom he also shot pictures, is a doctor. The man's ankle was bit."He happened to be riding a wave in and jumped off the board and landed on the shark," McNair said. "It bit him when he hit him."Bryant said as soon as his hand heals, he'll be back in the water surfing."I was in his territory," he said. "I've been doing this for 30 years and this is the first time it's happened. So the odds are in my favor. I'll be a little bit upset if I get bit a second time."Officials said Saturday's warm, murky water was inviting for sharks in shallow areas. The bites occurred in the same general area about five minutes apart, according to Volusia County Beach Patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn.Petersohn said Saturday's bites were the third and fourth shark bites of the year for New Smyrna Beach.He said the sharks in the waters are juvenile, about 2 to 4 feet long. There is no way to know, but Petersohn said the bites on Saturday could be from the same shark.

Shark Attack Victim Shares His Frightening Experience

Written by Nick Delgado, Pacific News Center - Guam, Saipan, CNMI, Asia-Pacific

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 17:19  

Guam - The 27 year old man who was bit by a shark off Ritidian point yesterday is recovering after undergoing surgery at the Guam memorial hospital last night. PNC's Nick Delgado spoke with the victim of the shark attack and tells his story.A 23-year-old man was bitten by a shark while swimming in the waters off Mabini town in Batangas province Philippines.

Man survives shark attack in Batangas | 04/22/2009 6:37 PM

A 23-year-old man was bitten by a shark while swimming in the waters off Mabini town in Batangas province, early Monday morning.Gerald Perez was swimming a few meters with his family near the shoreline in Barangay San Jose when the shark bit his legs around 5 a.m.Senior Superintendent Jesus Gatchalian, Batangas provincial police director, said relatives of the victim rushed him to the Batauan Doctor's Hospital.Garchalian said the victim lost a lot of blood, but has been declared out of harm by doctors. With a report from Arnell Ozaeta, ABS-CBN Southern Tagalogas of 04/22/2009 6:37 PM


Surgery for teen in shark attack

SYDNEY - A TEENAGE boy is recovering from leg surgery a day after being mauled by a shark as he surfed with his father off a popular Sydney beach. Sunday's shark attack was the area's third in as many weeks. Andrew Lindop, 15, was in the water off Avalon Beach when a shark bit deeply into his left thigh, its teeth penetrating to the bone. His ather, Charles, managed to get him to shore and wrapped the surfboard's leg rope around his son's injury to stop the bleeding. They were flown by helicopter to Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital where Lindop underwent a four-hour surgery. The hospital said the boy was recovering well.Marine experts are working to identify the species of shark responsible for the latest attack. -- AP


Shark bites fisherman on finger in Qld

February 22, 2009

A man has suffered a shark bite while fishing off Cairns. The man was bitten while fishing at Batt Reef about 10.15am (AEST) on Sunday, a Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) spokeswoman said.QAS paramedics met the vessel at Yorkeys Knob Marina, north of Cairns, about an hour later and took the man to the Cairns Base Hospital in a stable condition.It was not clear if he lost his finger in the attack, or whether he was on a private or chartered fishing vessel.


Shark attacks surfer at Bondi

Fred Pawle and Matthew Clayfield | February 13, 2009  Article from:  The Australian

A SURFER at Bondi Beach who was the second shark attack victim in Sydney waters in two days told fellow surfers he thought he was going to die.

The 33-year-old surfer, whose first name is Glen, was last night being treated for severe arm injuries in St Vincent's Hospital. The incident came only a day after a navy diver was attacked by a shark in Sydney Harbour, resulting in the loss of a hand and severe leg injures. A spate of shark attacks and sightings around Australia this summer has sparked claims that a ban on killing the animals has led to a surge in numbers, endangering swimmers and divers. Witness accounts said Glen, from nearby Dover Heights in the eastern suburbs, had been sitting on his board about 7.30pm at the southern end of the beach when the shark leapt, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him 5m through the water. Bondi surfer James McIntosh said that when Glen had arrived on the sand, he was white and his left hand was only just attached to his arm. He said that Glen thought he was going to die. "He said to me, 'Tell my wife, Lisa, I love her. She's six months pregnant'," Mr McIntosh said. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing. His hand was stuck by a bit of skin, but not connected any more. "I grabbed his legrope, pulled it off his leg and wrapped it around his arm. He was trying to walk, but I told him to stop. I pulled his leg-rope off and I was just numb to what I was seeing." Mr McIntosh said a friend had described the attack as ferocious. "The shark bumped Will's board first, then two seconds later, bang, this guy who was sitting on his board got attacked," he said. "It grabbed his arm when he was sitting up on his board. I don't even know how that happened. You'd think it would have gone for his leg." A police spokesman said some off-duty doctors on the beach had helped to stem Glen's bleeding. Lifeguards said they suspected the man was attacked by a "bronze whaler about 2m long". The last fatal shark attack at Bondi occurred in 1929. On January 12 of that year, 14-year-old bodysurfer Colin Stewart died after being attacked. Less than a month later, on February 8, 39-year-old John Gibson was killed when a shark bit his right thigh, severing his femoral artery.

The latest Bondi attack came a day after navy clearance diver Paul de Gelder was mauled by a bull shark in Sydney Harbour while conducting anti-terrorism exercises. Despite severe wounds, Able Seaman de Gelder was able to fight off the shark, punching it several times. Surgeons operated for two hours to stabilise his condition but his family said he had lost his right hand and could lose his leg. "He's coping very well mentally," his brother Travis said. "He's a very strong person with a lot of character. It appears he's supporting the family at this stage." Organisers of a Sydney Harbour swimming race say the event will go ahead in less than three weeks, despite the attack on Able Seaman de Gelder. More than 850 swimmers are expected to swim in the Sydney Harbour Swim Classic, from the Opera House to Farm Cove. The move to proceed with the race came despite calls from the NSW Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald not to swim in Sydney Harbour. Since 2006, he has repeatedly said swimmers should be aware of the risks of open waters. "If swimming in the harbour, I personally would only swim at netted beaches or enclosures or harbour pools," he said. "There are a lot of bull sharks in the harbour at this time of year." Locals have noticed a sharp increase in shark activity recently. The Department of Primary Industries is reviewing the NSW shark netting scheme, and a report is due later this year. The Sydney Harbour Swim Classic's organisers moved to allay any fears the event was unsafe, saying the commotion would scare off predators and divers would monitor swimmers. The Australian revealed yesterday that Able Seaman de Gelder was not wearing a navy issue SharkShield, which repels sharks by emitting electrical waves, because Sydney Harbour was deemed low-risk. A Defence spokesman said the navy was investigating its policy regarding the use of shark-repelling devices. Diving operations have been suspended until the investigation is concluded. Perth man Brian Guest was the last Australian to be killed by a shark, when a 4-4.5m white pointer struck early one morning in December while he and his son were snorkelling for crabs about 30m off Port Kennedy beach.

Shark attack victim says children were at risk

Posted Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:25pm AEDT
Updated Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:24pm AEDT

A swimmer bitten by a shark on the New South Wales far south coast at the weekend says it is lucky he was attacked rather than a child.Jeremy McDonagh, 19, from Canberra, was swimming between the flags in a metre of water at Surf Beach, near Batemans Bay on Saturday, when the shark struck.Mr McDonagh says children were swimming next to him when the shark latched on to his arm causing severe bleeding.He says the wounds needed hospital treatment."It was all infected, so I had to get antibiotics and tetanus shots because they said there was bacteria in the shark's mouth," he said."They said it was all rotten meat, so you can get a real bad infection and stuff that I didn't realise until the next day when my hand was all puffed up and killing me."


Port St Johns shark death

Monday 26 January 2008

An off-duty lifeguard was killed by what the Natal Sharks Board says was a Bull shark while bodysurfing Second Beach in Port St Johns on Saturday, reports Wavescape.

The nature of the injuries to Sikhanyiso Bangilizwe, 27, suggest it was a 2.5 metre Bull (Zambezi) shark, said the NSB. There were three separate bites. The Umzimvubu River is a known area where Bull sharks give birth to their young. Another fatality followed on Sunday, yesterday, when a soccer player drowned at the same beach. Lifeguards were not present because the beach was closed, say locals, who pointed out alleged unhappiness among lifeguards after alleged mismanagement of the Wild Coast Guards by the Port St Johns municipilaty. The Eastern Cape resort has had a nightmare two years, which has seen 14 people drowned, mostly at Second Beach. "People, many of whom are kids, are bussed from inland towns and cities like Mthatha. They go into the ocean with no experience, and accidents have happened, sometimes with an entire group drowning," said a concerned resident. "The lifeguards are often not paid, and are often not on duty, which is not ideal when you have inexperienced holidaymakers going into the water." It has also been claimed that because lifeguards are not always able to perform their duties, some of the bodies of drowning victims are not recovered, which "might attract sharks". However, the last fatal shark attack occurred in January 2007, and before that, it has been 17 years since the last fatality. Manager and coach of Iliza Surfing Academy Michael Gatcke told Wavescape that the attack occurred almost to the day two years after another lifeguard, Sibulele Masiza, lost his life to a shark at the popular swimming beach. Masiza's body was not recovered after the attack, believed that time to be a tiger. His flippers, one torn, were the only items recovered. Gatcke's academy, which has seen three development surfers compete for Border in the SA Champs, had been running a clinic with about 48 youngsters in the water at Second Beach under two hours before the attack. "We were running a swimming lesson to get the guys used to the water, and to prepare them for their first surfing lesson," a relieved Gatcke said. The Daily Dispatch, reporting on the weekend's attack, said that Tshintshekile Nduve, a fellow lifeguard, had been swimming with Bangilizwe at 13h30 when he heard cries. "I saw he was in trouble and the shark on him, I saw blood and I went out of the water to get help," he was quoted as saying. It was also reported that Bangilizwe was the sole breadwinner for his family.

* Wavescape is setting up a donation fund for the Bangilizwe family. Watch this space.


Shark strikes in tepid waters of Lake Illawarra

Article from: The Daily Telegraph  By Steve Gee  January 13, 2009 12:00am

WHEN a 2m bullshark grabbed Steven Fogarty's leg as he snorkelled in the tepid waters of Lake Illawarra, he thought it was a joke at first.

But after punching himself free, Mr Fogarty spent a harrowing five minutes clinging to a bridge pylon, terrified the shark would return. Even witnesses looked on in disbelief ignoring the 24-year-old's pleas for help as he desperately fought off the predator.Finally someone onshore realised the seriousness of Mr Fogarty's plight and hailed a fisherman. "I thought it was someone playing a joke so I turned around and it wasn't that. I thought I can't be here and started swinging," he said yesterday.As he hobbled from Shellharbour Hospital with more than 40 puncture wounds to his right calf, he said: "I just done me best. I think I got one on it and that's probably what got rid of it."Mr Fogarty was snorkelling alone, following schools of fish near the Windang Bridge about 1km inland from the lake entrance south of Wollongong, when he was attacked about 10.45am yesterday. The former Illawarra Steelers' junior representative - a local who has grown up snorkelling in the area with his father - had been in the water just 20 minutes when the shark struck.A man was watching from a bridge overhead as the attack unfolded in about 2m of water, but initially turned away, asking Mr Fogarty to be quiet before realising what was happening. Mr Fogarty said he swam on his back for several metres before the man yelled for him to head towards a bridge pylon. "I was screaming out for help and everyone just looked at me and kept walking like nothing had happened," he said. "It was a good couple of minutes before anyone came."A couple of people drove past in a boat and others just looked away and kept going on with what they were doing. I was scared more than anything. I thought it was coming back."Mr Fogarty said he only realised how serious his wounds were when he was pulled into the boat and checked to "make sure both legs were there" when he noticed blood covering his feet. After having dozens of stitches to three rows of puncture wounds covering both sides of his calf, Mr Fogarty was still struggling to come to terms with the attack as he emerged from hospital more than five hours later.

Shark victim Hannah Mighall gave rescuer courage

January 12, 2009 Article from:  Australian Associated Press

A TEENAGE girl attacked by a shark in Tasmania bravely hit back at the man-eater and screamed for help, her elder cousin and rescuer says.

Hannah Mighall, 13, from Scamander, was dragged under the water several times by a 5m shark at Binalong Bay, near St Helens, in Tasmania's northeast yesterday afternoon.Hannah suffered severe lacerations to a leg and is recovering in the Royal Hobart Hospital.Her cousin, Queenslander Syb Mundy, 33, who was paddling nearby on his surfboard, helped fight off the shark and took Hannah to safety. "She came up and was fighting the shark and hitting it and screaming 'help me, help me, help me'," Mr Mundy told Launceston's The Examiner newspaper. Eyewitnesses said the shark followed them in to the beach. "She gave me the strength to stay there with her in the water - when I saw the way she was fighting it off," Mr Mundy said. "She was scared but she fought it off."Senior Sergeant Jason Elmer said at one stage the pair caught a wave, but the shark was in the same wave. "There's a significant bite out of the surfboard. "I understand there was a fair bit of blood in the water." Witness Ian Hollingsworth said Mr Mundy saved Hannah's life. "The shark took three bites from her leg, I could see it was dragging her backwards and trying to get her under the water," Mr Hollingsworth told The Mercury newspaper. "Her cousin was brilliant. I can't give him enough praise. He literally pulled her out of the shark's jaws and saved her life. "He was fighting the shark and fighting to grab hold of her. "It was like something out of a Jaws movie. It was just terrifying." Mr Hollingsworth was surfing just 30m away from Ms Mighall when the shark struck. Mr Mundy pulled his cousin onto his surfboard and caught a wave to shore, Mr Hollingsworth said."When we were heading to the shore, the shark kept circling us all. It was the worst feeling in the world," he said. When the three surfers got to the shore, dozens of onlookers rushed to their aid. 

Surfer survives shark attack

SURFER Jonathan Beard was lucky to survive an attack by a shark at Fingal yesterday.Paramedics said Mr Beard, 31, received a 'substantial bite' to the upper left thigh while surfing about 70m offshore at Dreamtime Beach.The Brisbane man yesterday remained in a stable condition in the Gold Coast Hospital. Authorities said the wound was not life threatening.The attack occurred just before 9.30am about 500m south of Fingal Headland on the Tweed Coast. Mr Beard's friend, known only as Chad, said his mate managed to swim to shore after being bitten by the shark.“There was an attack from down below. It hit him on one of the legs,” Chad said.There were all dolphins surrounding us at the time. “He knew what had happened. He called out 'shark!' And he got this hit of adrenaline straight afterwards, which got him in so far and then we helped him to shore.“I don't really know what to say, I'm a bit shaken. The main thing is it didn't hit a main artery and he didn't bleed to death on us.”Mr Beard's friends were able to stop the bleeding by using a leg rope from one of their boards as a tourniquet before surf lifesavers and paramedics arrived on the scene.NSW Ambulance paramedics praised the man's friends for their quick thinking.Kingscliff paramedic Syd Francis said it appeared Mr Beard lost a lot of blood before his friends secured the leg. Mr Francis estimated the deep wound to be about 30cm long and 20cm wide and said it reached bone.“It was quite a substantial bite, pretty well down to bone level. There were also smaller teeth marks around the wound. But there didn't appear to be any major blood vessel involvement. He was a lucky man,” he said. “He was in what we'd class as shock when we got there. His blood pressure was a bit low and he was pale and sweating.”Paramedics set up a drip and gave him pain killers.Surf lifesavers could not say what type of shark was involved and said nothing was sighted during a search later.Ian Thomason saw the surfer after the attack.“It also took a chunk out of his board. But he was very brave. His mates did a good job, too. They wrapped him up really well and stopped the bleeding.”He said no one knew what sort of shark was involved. “The guys with him said they saw just the grey of the body in the water.”


Shark attacks Bay swimmer

08.01.2009   MARK STORY  New Zealand

It's not a case of once bitten twice shy for Hastings man Greg Sims, who says he's not afraid to re-enter the water after a suspected shark attack at Haumoana on Tuesday (jan 6). The 49-year-old was enjoying a dip just south of the Tukituki River mouth with partner Pauline Hayes before he was attacked at 5.30pm. ``I felt a sharp, painful bite on the back of my leg and couldn't leave the surf fast enough,' he said. ``I screamed at Pauline to get out of the water, she just stood there not comprehending what had happened.' Mr Sims, a registered nurse, then used his towel as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding before the two drove to Hawke's Bay Hospital. ``It was the most panicked I've ever seen him,' Ms Hayes said. The family were today still baffled over what had inflicted the bite from the blue. ``I saw nothing at all. Nothing broke the water so there was no warning and no sighting. We thought maybe it was a stingray, but from what we know they leave a sharp whip-like laceration, but this wound is the shape of a bite, and has taken a chunk of flesh away so we think it was a shark.' Hawke's Bay Today sent a photograph of the injury to Department of Conservation scientist and shark expert Clinton Duffy, who agreed with the couple's theory. ``There appears to be a semi-circular jaw impression which indicates a shark bite,' Mr Duffy said. ``Plus it's on the upper thigh and you'd expect a typical stingray attack to be on the lower leg. ``Top of the list of suspects would be a broadnose sevengill shark (Notorhynchus cepedianus). This is a common large coastal shark species, which is most abundant near shore at this time of year.' He said the fact Mr Sims hadn't seen the shark was not surprising. ``This shark has an almost non-existent dorsal fin so you wouldn't see it break the surface in shallow water.' The attack hadn't put Mr Sims off his favourite swimming spot. ``It'd be silly to say never again. I've been swimming here for 40 years and I've never heard of - let alone experienced - a shark attack in the area. ``What are the chances of it happening twice?'


2008  97 recorded incidents

12/27/2008 Steve Kulcsar ( Australia ) No Injury

Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:58 am

A group of kayakers and fishermen have survived a close encounter with a shark believed to be a great white off Long Reef north of Sydney The encounter happened on Saturday ( December 27) the same day a suspected shark attack in is believed to have taken the life of Brian Guest who was snorkelling in Western Australia.

29-year-old Steve Kulcsar on his kayak

The fishermen alerted the kayakers to the danger after spotting a large fin in the water. The shark then bumped 29-year-old Steve Kulcsar's kayak, sending him into the water with the five metre animal.Steve was able to scramble onto his kayak again and was then pulled into the fishermen's boat. The other kayakers "rafted" their kayaks against the fishing boat in an effort to find safety until the shark eventually swam away some ten harrowing minutes later."This thing comes up behind the boat, it lifts up, it would've been eye-level with the guy going next to his kayak. He looked. We thought he's dead." said Kayaker Rick Darmanin once safely back on dry land.Fisherman Darryl Domoney spoke of the attempt to scare the large predator away.We actually hit him in the head with the prop. And then we seen him go five metres, ten metres and a bit more out to sea." Domoney said.These two incidents, along with other sightings and beach closures have seen some calling for a "culling".But marine experts say that's an "ill-informed" approach."The idea of a cull on these species is very ill-informed in my mind, they are a key part of theecosystem." marine biologist Keiran Mackenzie said.A sentiment echoed by Daniel Guest son of missing Brian Guest, yesterday's victim of a suspected shark attack near Rockingham, Western Australia. "This is their territory. You know, and they're going to do what they're going to do." Daniel said today when he returned to the scene of his father's disappearance with fellow mourners.The sharks involved in both attacks yesterday are believed to be White Pointers, a protected species which means they will be not be culled.



Shark spotted with the body of a man in its jaws as witnesses look on in horror

By Richard Shears   Last updated at 9:24 AM on 28th December 2008

Feared dead: Brian Guest was snorkelling when a great white shark struck near Perth, AustraliaA huge shark - believed to be a great white - rolled over in the water with the body of a man in its jaws in a horror scene described by witnesses.Bank officer Brian Guest, 51, was grabbed by the shark as he was snorkelling for crabs with his 24-year-old son Daniel off the coast of Western Australia today when the feared monster of the deep struck.The water turned red with blood as the shark carried the father of three away after the attack, just 25 feet from the beach at Port Kennedy, 20 miles south of the State capital, Perth.Witnesses on the beach told of seeing a 'flash of fin' but local man Luke Tubbs, who lives near the beach, described a horrific scene in which the shark could be seen with Mr Guest's body in its jaws.While he did not witness the event personally, he said it had been described to him by another man who had run to his home to raise the alarm.'He told me he just saw a big splash and then the shark roll over in the water with the guy - and then (he saw) no body or anything.'Police, emergency services and volunteers search the coastline for any sign of Mr Guest, but his body had not been found several hours after the terrifying attack.Mr Guest's son was swimming some 20 feet from his father when the shark struck and while Daniel is understood not to have witnessed the actual attack, he realised his father was in trouble when he saw the water turn red with blood.He swam quickly to the beach, shouting for help. Rescuers later reported they had found parts of a wetsuit believed to belong to the missing man, as warnings went out to beachgoers to stay out of the water.

Fisherman attacked by shark

4:00AM Sunday Dec 21, 2008  Anna Rushworth

A fisherman faced a terrifying 10-minute walk back to shore after being savaged by a shark while setting his net.Ken Lindberg spent five days in hospital after suffering serious injuries while fishing with a friend off Maraetai."We were just checking the net, just walking along lifting the top up a bit," he told Newstalk ZB."The next thing I felt this almighty clamp go around my leg. I said to Jeremy, 'We're out of here'."Lindberg said his left leg started to tighten up as the pair waded back through the surf but was only able to look when they reached shallow water."All I could see was this almighty gash and a lot of blood pouring out. I thought, 'All I want to do is get back to shore'."He made it back to his friend's house where a towel was wrapped around the wounds to stop the flow of blood.His friend's wife then took him to Beachlands Medical Centre."The doctor had a look and said, 'It's an ambulance for you'."Lindberg was pushed out in a wheelchair with his leg still bleeding and taken to hospital.He needed 10 stitches above his ankle, four stitches to close his severed Achilles tendon and will not regain any feeling around his little toe."I haven't been out setting the net since then," Lindberg said.Department of Conservation shark expert Clinton Duffy said if Lindberg's wounds were the work of a shark it was probably a bronze whaler.The species can reach up to 3m in length and are common in New Zealand waters around summer.While they don't usually attack humans, it could have been attracted to Lindberg's fishing spot if there were distressed fish in the net. "That would be enough to attract a shark into the area looking for a feed."

45 stitches after shark attack
12/12/2008 09:52 - (SA)

Die Burger

Port Elizabeth - A 15-year-old boy was bitten by a ragged tooth shark after a long battle between his friend and the shark.
Luke Parker from Port Elizabeth received 45 stitches after the incident at Plettenberg Bay.
Luke and two friends were fishing on Wednesday evening, when his friend, Guy Moorecraft, got a bite. Guy struggled for about two hours to get the shark to shore.
Finally the shark which weighed about 100kg pulled Guy from the rocks into the shallow water. The fishing line - which can carry up to 40kg - broke.
Guy's two friends, Luke and Ricardo do Pinero - all are 15 and pupils at Grey High School - quickly jumped in after him.

Grabbed tail fin
Guy grabbed the shark's tail fin and the shark swung to the right and got hold of Luke's legs and lower body.
Guy was scared the shark would pull Luke into the deep sea. "I immediately bent over and tried to pull the shark's jaws from Luke's leg."
Luke finally managed to free himself and ran to the beach, where paramedics from the National Sea Rescue Institute took him to the NSRI station for treatment. "I didn't really feel much pain, because I was too shocked," said Luke from his parents' home in Port Elizabeth.
"Only once I saw the blood running down my leg, did it become painful."
The shark disappeared into the waves.

Fatal Shark Attack

During December 2008, Darryl Kriel was attacked by a shark whilst spearfishing at Chidenguele in southern Mozambique. He was spearfishing with a local spearo on a shore dive when the attack took place. He was in shallow water when he was bitten on the upper part of his leg. The attack was fatal and our condolences go to his family and friends.


One dead, 18 missing in Taiwanese fishing vessel accident

Taiwan News, Staff Writer 11/11/08

Central News Agency 

One crew member was killed by a shark and another 18 were missing after a Taiwanese fishing vessel capsized in rough seas off Taiwan's southern tip, rescue services said yesterday. The Kaohsiung-registered fishing trawler Fu Chi Hsiang 767 carried a crew of 28, including six Taiwanese nationals, twelve Chinese, eight Vietnamese and two Filipinos, rescue services said.Only nine crew members were rescued by yesterday noon, with 18 still missing. One of the rescued crew told reporters that he had seen one of his colleagues, 45-year-old Taiwanese citizen Chen Te-hsing, being attacked and bitten by a shark. The other fishermen held on to Chen for hours, but loss of blood sent him into shock, the eyewitness said. A wave sent Chen to the bottom of the sea, he said. Rescue workers were unable to recover his body.A helicopter found the first group of seven survivors, three Taiwanese, two Chinese and two Vietnamese nationals. Later yesterday afternoon, a rescue vessel found another two Vietnamese crew members, the coastguard said.The men spent more than 16 hours in the cold water, but three of the survivors were let out of hospital yesterday evening.


Fisherman Killed By Shark In Philippines

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 |

BAGUIO CITY – A 39-year-old fisherman from the fishing village of Callaguip, Paoay town in Ilocos Norte was attacked and killed by a shark before noon Thursday.Local fisherman Joel Bacud who was with his 17-year-old son Louie, some three hours away at high waters off the South China Sea along the northern town coast went fishing aboard their motorized banca when the elder Bacud dived in deep water to check on their fishing net.A shark suddenly sprung and attacked the elder Bacud, said Paoay town police chief Senior Inspector Dexter Corpuz in a telephone interview.It was not known if Bacud had a wound because sharks only attack after smelling blood.When retrieved from the waters Thursday noontime, Bacud was already lifeless.The father and son went fishing around 5 a.m. and the attack happened around 10 to 11 a.m.The attack happened about three hours away by travel from the shoreline, Bacud said.The victim’s son Louie, 17, who was unhurt, brought his father’s body along the shoreline using their motorized banca.He said that the elder Bacud jumped off from the motorized banca with some bloodied fish catch which apparently drew the shark’s attention.


Memphis Boy Earns Nickname “Shark Bait”

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Eleven-year-old Hudson Anthony survived a nibble from a sand shark while wading in the waters of Santa Rosa, FL. Hudson was standing alone in a school of minnows in waist-deep water on Oct. 8 when he felt an intense, sharp pain. Then he saw a nice, big gash.“Shark Bait” was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital in Santa Rosa where the family learned from hospital officials that a school of minnows is the last place a swimmer needs to be hanging out. Sharks feed there. Based on the size of the wound, which required two layers of stitches and eight stitches on top, hospital officials speculated the gash came from a 4-5 ft sand shark.

Great white shark attacked diver in Adriatic


Damjan Pecek from Slovenia was attacked by a shark ten meters away from the shore in Mala Smokova on island Vis in Croatia.

He claims the shark was 4 or 5 meters long and probably attacked him because he was carrying a bleeding fish he just caught. Shark bit Pecek’s left leg and he defended himself by grabbing the shark by the gills with one hand, while hitting it on the head with the harpoon he held in the other hand. Harpoon bent (makes me LOL, sorry) but shark let him go so his friends managed to get him in the boat.
I just heard on TV that two teeth were found in wound in Pecek’s leg and it is confirmed that they belong to the great white shark.
t’s big deal here because allegedly there are no great whites in Adriatic. Apparently, there are. I hope I’ll forget this event until next summer.


Sorry Logan, Looks Like You’ll Have to Give Back Your New Smyrna Shark Bite Crown

The victim became the 23rd shark bite victim of the year. That breaks the 2001 record of 22 bites, a tally that dubbed 2001 the “Year of the Shark.”

According to the Volusia County Beach Patrol, the unidentified man was surfing south of the jetty about noon when he felt something prick his foot.

The damage was minor, but hey… a bite’s a bite.

UPDATE: The victim was 44-year-old David Logan. He had a few small puncture wounds on his heel which paramedics bandaged, then he was right back in the water. You’re a brave man, David!


2 surfers bitten by shark in Ponce Inlet

By KELLY CUCULIANSKY September 07, 2008
Staff Writer

Two surfers were almost simultaneously bitten by a shark today in Ponce Inlet, bringing the Volusia County bite count just one encounter short of its record 2001 "Year of the Shark."

A 43-year-old man from Ponce Inlet and a 15-year-old boy from Casselberry were surfing about 200 feet away from each other when they were bitten about noon, Beach Patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn said. In 2001, 22 bites were reported, including three in one day.

The surfers, who did not know each other, were catching waves in the area between Beach Street and the jetty rocks. They each suffered "very minor" puncture wounds on one foot and were treated by Beach Patrol at the scene, Petersohn said. It's unclear whether it was the same shark that bit them or who was bitten first.

"It's just a werid coincidence," Petersohn said. One of the surfers asked for help at a lifeguard tower. A Beach Patrol truck was called in, and while officers were on their way to the tower, they spotted another surfer on the beach bleeding from his foot and thought it was the victim they were originally called to treat.

"It was just very quirky," Petersohn said.

Surf conditions were typical for shark encounters today. Petersohn said the water is churned up and murky with lots of bait fish.


Surfer Becomes Third Shark Bite Victim In 3 Days

Thursday, August 28, 2008 7:25:42 PM

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- For the third day in a row, a surfer was bitten by a shark.

The Volusia County Beach Patrol said the 19-year-old was in the water when he was bitten on his left foot Thursday.The victim was treated at the scene and then left the beach with a friend.The teen is now the 19th shark bite victim in Volusia County this year.The record for the county was 22 bites in 2001.

Man, 26, Becomes 18th Shark Bite Victim

Thursday, August 28, 2008 7:29:02 PM NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- A 26-year-old man became Volusia County's 18th shark bite victim of the year Wednesday.The latest attack happened near the jetties on the New Smyrna Beach side of the Ponce de Leon Inlet.The Volusia County Beach Patrol said Alexander Zgura was surfing in the area when a 6-foot shark grabbed his lower left leg.Lifeguards said Zgura had over a dozen cuts between his knee and ankle, but chose to drive himself to the hospitalThe beach patrol said the attack may have been caused by a large number of bait fish in the water, which sharks feed on.

Surfer Becomes 17th Shark Bite Victim

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 6:19:06 PM NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- A surfer became the 17th shark bite victim for 2008 Sunday.

The Volusia County Beach Patrol said the 20-year-old man was surfing near the 27th Street approach when he was bitten on the foot.He was taken to Bert Fish Medical Center with four lacerations on his foot.Lifeguards said he is expected to OK.

Shark bite reported off Sanibel • August 20, 2008

A Cape Coral man says he was bitten by a shark this afternoon, and Sanibel police are urging swimmers to be cautious.Around 2:45, Jack Miller, 47, of Cape Coral, docked his boat near the Sanibel Moorings, 845 East Gulf Drive. He was swimming with his son when he was bitten on the forearm by a shark, he said.Miller did not seek medical attention for the three lacerations on his forearm.Sanibel Police Chief Bill Tomlinson said the bite was not a sign that shark bites could be a more frequent problem. But he said it was a good idea for swimmers and boaters to be cautious.“You never know,” Tomlinson said. “People should be aware and take certain precautions to keep that from occurring.”

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

INJURED - 12 August 2008 - New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA -- swimmer attacked

A 13-year-old girl (name not released) was swimming in waist to chest deep water off New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA on Tuesday 12 August 2008, when she was bitten on the right leg by a shark.Officials said she suffered several small puncture wounds and one gash of about three inches between her ankle and her knee.No other details were reported.


Orlando Sentinel

Shark Bites 13-Year-Old Girl Wading Along New Smyrna Beach

 POSTED: 5:14 pm EDT August 12, 2008 UPDATED: 5:30 pm EDT August 12, 2008

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- Once again, Volusia County proved it's the shark bite capitol of the world. This time it wasn't a surfer who was attacked, it was a 13-year-old girl playing in the water Tuesday. The attack happened in a different place than they usually do, a good mile and a half south of where most of the New Smyrna Beach bites occurred. It's a beach that is more popular with tourists that surfers. One of the many people enjoying a calm Tuesday on New Smyrna Beach was 13-year-old Emma Klopchin from upstate New York. She was wading in chest deep water when she felt something grab on to her lower right leg. "All of the sudden, she felt the bite, looked down and immediately ran to shore," said Garry Mac, Bert Fish Medical Center. A couple of nurses who happened to be on the beach treated the deep cut and puncture wounds until paramedics could arrive. Doctors at Bert Fish, by now familiar with treating bites, were likely going to take care of it with stitches once they cleaned out what the shark left behind. "The think they have found one of the shark's teeth, maybe part of a tooth, in the wound and that will be Emma's souvenir to take home," Mac said. Last year, there were 17 bites for the entire season and Tuesday's bite has 2008's number already at 16. At New Smyrna Beach, there are more shark attacks per square mile than on any other beach in the world. If you've been swimming there, you've likely been within just 10 feet of a shark. There have been 210 attacks in Volusia County since 1982. The main reason is the area is rich with bait-fish and Volusia County is where sharks go to feed.


Wave saves surfer from shark's jaws

July 31, 2008 12:23pm

A SURFER says he was saved from a shark attack by a timely wave, but not before the predator bit through his leg rope.Aaron Seare, 31, was surfing at Levys Beach near Warrnambool in western Victoria yesterday morning and had caught only two waves when he spotted something about 30m away. "I wasn't too sure what it was," he said today."I was only watching the movement for a second before it's turned and come straight at me.I felt a tug on my leg rope but a wave picked me up and washed me back to the beach. I really freaked out." It wasn't until Mr Seare reached shore that he discovered his leg rope had been bitten in two. "I realised that was pretty close," he said. ocal fishermen said the marks on the rope were those of a sevengill or great white shark.

Shark bites Panamanian election official off nation's Pacific coast

The Associated PressPublished: July 28, 2008

 PANAMA CITY, Panama: An official says a Panamanian judge was bitten by a shark off the Central American nation's Pacific coast.Electoral Tribunal spokesman Humberto Castillo says electoral court judge Gerardo Solis was bitten on his left calf Sunday near San Carlos beach.Solis's father, Menalco Solis, told local media Monday his son was filming while sitting on a surfboard when the shark attacked him.He said the injury was not life-threatening and that the judge had been treated at a local clinic and released.


Ryan Seacrest: 'I Was Bit by a Shark'

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ryan Seacrest was taking a swim in the Pacific Ocean in Mexico on Sunday when he was bitten by a shark, he said on his KIIS-FM radio show Monday.The "American Idol" host said he was "about eight feet out" when he felt something swim by him."I thought it was a stick," he said. "I wasn't sure what had happened."Then, he said, "I saw it swim! He took a bite, and he left."Seacrest, 33, said the shark's tooth "wasn't a great thing to find. It was like finding a splinter!Although he said he was "in pain," the "American Idol" host wasn't hurt too badly, but said he "needed to take an Advil."Asked by his radio co-host if anyone else was bitten, Seacrest said: "No, just me, of course! There were like 1,000 people in the ocean, and I get bit by the shark!" spy told the New York Post's Page Six gossip column that Seacrest was swimming in front of LG Villa Cabo, that the shark was a sand shark and that it chomped on Seacrest's toe.

July 29, 2008

Ryan Seacrest - shark attack!

Ryan Seacrest was bitten by a shark at the weekend while swimming a few feet from the beach in Los Angeles .Seacrest, the American Idol host was bitten on the toe, by a shark he bizarrely described as being about the size of an average cat.The cat-sized shark apparently left a tooth in his foot.  No word on whether it was cat-tooth sized."I thought it was a stick!" said Seacrest. "I wasn't quite sure what had happened. I saw it swim! He took a bite, and he left."Seacrest did not need hospital treatment after the attack, but did take an Advil.


Shark bites teen at New Smyrna Beach  

 Last Edited: Friday, 25 Jul 2008, 7:33 PM EDT Created: Friday, 25 Jul 2008, 5:44 PM EDT 

New Smyrna Beach , Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- A teenager is in the hospital after a shark bite. It’s the second time a shark bite in New Smyrna Beach has landed a surfer in the hospital.17 year old Ethan Fulton was surfing near Ponce Inlet with friends Friday morning when a shark clammed down on his right foot. The staff and the physicians in the Bert Fish emergency room assessed cleaned the wounds started dealing with it and determined surgery was needed says Gary Mac, spokesperson for Bert Fish Medical Center.Scott Petersohn with Volusia County Beach Patrol says Fulton ’s friends never called his lifeguards for help. Petersohn says Fulton ’s friends loaded him into a car then headed to the hospital.During the trip, Petersohn says, Fulton began to lose consciousness so the friends stopped and called for help. According to Fulton ’s father that’s not all his sons friends did. They did use a surfboard leash to put a tourniquet above the knee says Bruce Fulton.The teenager’s mother and father rushed to the hospital after learning about their son’s injury. Bruce Fulton says the shark severed his sons Achilles tendon should have a 100 percent recovery but you never can tell with Achilles tendon because that is a very a place where you can have injury for the rest of your life if it's not repaired correctly says Fulton .Doctors rushed the surfer directly into surgery. Bruce Fulton says his son knew the risks of surfing in the area known as the shark bite capital of the world. He also says his son knew someone was bitten in the area earlier this week. Despite the injury Fulton says before his son went into surgery he left everyone know that when he recovers he’s going to get right back on his surfboard.

Shark attack closes beaches at Makaha

A woman suffers a bite to her arm in the first attack of the year for the stateA woman vacationing on the Leeward Coast was bitten on the arm by a shark yesterday morning, prompting the closure of Makaha area beaches until further notice.The attack happened while the woman was snorkeling in the waters off the Hawaiian Princess condominiums by Lahilahi Point.She was able to use her good arm to swim ashore and ask for help, bystanders said.Rescue officials saw a 16-foot tiger shark in the waters shortly afterward, but a state shark official said it probably was not the same shark that bit the woman because of the size of her injuries and the description she gave.Officials closed the beach for a mile in both directions from Lahilahi Point and posted "Shark Sighted" signs at Makaha Beach Park .

Shark bites young girl in Surf City

Surf City , NC   Friday Jul 25

A young girl vacationing in Surf City is recovering after a shark bite Thursday.

  Shark Attack! Local Girl Bitten on Foot at Topsail Island

  BY ADI ANDERSON : NEWSROOM INTERNDespite being the victim of a shark attack, 8-year-old Madeline Sinsley, of Pinehurst, isn't scared of the water.She is quick to say that she wants to swim again."I can go in the water," she said in a phone interview, "just right now I have to have a plastic bag with masking tape on my foot."The attack occurred at about 1 p.m. last Thursday, while the Sinsleys were on vacation at Topsail Island ."It was craziness," said Madeline's stepmother, Kimberly Sinsley, who was in the water with Madeline at the time.The ocean waswarm and murky as Kim Sinsley waded up to her waist into the surf with her son Drew Viney, 9, and her stepdaughters, Madeline, and Kate Sinsley, 6."Suddenly, Madeline began yelling 'Ow!' at the top of her lungs," said Kim Sinsley. When she turned around, she saw a dorsal fin and some splashing.Her first instinct was to grab Kate and throw her toward the sand, telling her to get out of the water. She then picked up Madeline and began moving away.The shark did not intend to let go. Kim Sinsley hit it on its broad head twice, and when it still clamped onto Madeline's foot, she dragged it toward shore."It must've been about 5 feet long," she said, "and it was flipping everywhere. But it didn't let go."As she approached the beach, Kim Sinsley continued yelling "shark!", drawing a crowd. When she was in about 3 inches of water, the shark finally relinquished its hold, and the waves washed it back into the surf.Drew, who was standing behind the shark, was very nervous as it sank back into the ocean."It was dark gray, pretty big and really scary," he said. "It's going to be a while until I get back in the water."

Shark bites teen's left foot  

Last Edited: Thursday, 24 Jul 2008, 6:10 PM EDT Created: Thursday, 24 Jul 2008, 11:38 AM EDT 

Troy Zettle stepped on the shark when he fell on his surfboard. 

New Smyrna Beach , Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) --  A 15-year-old boy who was surfing on Florida 's east coast was bitten on his left foot by a shark.Troy Zettle stepped on the shark when he fell on his surfboard Wednesday. “As soon as I lifted my foot up to take a step, the shark just latched onto my foot,” said Zettle. “It didn't hurt, it didn't hurt at all in the water. all I felt were his jaws, I didn't feel the teeth."The teen was surfing on the New Smyrna Beach side of Ponce Inlet.Zettle had a number of stitches and is waiting to find out if he needs surgery.


Shark bites man on Isle of Palms

Friday, July 11, 2008

ISLE OF PALMS — A local man was bitten in the forearm by a shark this afternoon while swimming at the beach near 31st Avenue . The 24-year-old Isle of Palms man paddled out from the beach about 2 p.m., said Fire Chief Ann Graham. "He said the shark jumped out of the water and bit him," Graham said. Police and firefighters combed the beach, warning swimmers to stay out of the water. The shark wasn't spotted again. The man was taken to a local hospital, and his condition was not serious, Charleston County EMS said.

Girl bitten by shark returns home

 Posted: Jul. 12, 2008

Emerald Isle, N.C.(7/9) — A 14-year-old girl who was likely bitten by a shark off Emerald Isle has gotten out the hospital and returned home to Sneads Ferry. Baileigh Foster was swimming in waist-deep water when she was bitten in the foot around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.A doctor at Cartert General Hospital, where Baileigh was treated, said she suffered lacerations consistent with those inflicted by a shark bite.Baileigh said she had never thought a shark would attack her."It did, and I was surprised, but it's just one out of a million chances," Baileigh said.She underwent surgery to repair ligament damage and was released from the hospital on Friday.Doctors said they expect Baileigh to make a full recovery in time for her to play on her high-school soccer team this fall.Baileigh said she will not be afraid to go swimming in the ocean again – but does not plan to swim at dusk again.Shark attacks are more frequent in the early morning and evening when sharks are feeding in the dim light.

Georgetown County authorities investigate shark bite

By Patricia BurkettWBTW Anchor/ ReporterPublished: July 5, 2008

Georgetown County authorities are investigating what they think is a shark bite. It happened at around 2 p.m. Saturday, off Litchfield Beach in Georgetown County . Authorities say the shark apparently bit 17-year-old Julianne Lunti of Columbia in knee-deep water. Investigators say Lunti will likely need stitches. Midway Fire Rescue spokesman Bob Beebe says no one saw the shark, but the marks left on the teen’s foot are consistent with a shark bite.

Surfer nipped by shark near south jetty


What do you get when you mix the good waves - the first in weeks -- with murky water near the New Smyrna Beach jetty? The 12th shark bite of the year. A 29-year-old surfer was bitten on his left foot Thursday afternoon. "The surfer was sitting on his board with his feet dangling in the water when he was bit," Beach Patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn said. He came ashore and was given first aid by a lifeguard, and it is unlikely the surfer will even need stitches, Petersohn said. He then drove himself north to the Jacksonville area where he lives. "The surfers have just been sitting looking at their boards," Petersohn said. "This is the perfect recipe for a shark bite -- lots of surfers and murky water at Ponce Inlet."

Shark bite reported at Fernandina Beach

Posted: Friday, June 20th, 2008 at 5:56 pm

An apparent shark bite in chest-deep waters off Fernandina Beach has authorities taking extra measures to alert beach-goers to potential risks. Jennifer Castion of Birmingham, Ala., received severe lacerations to both sides of her lower right calf about 11 a.m. Friday, according to the Fernandina Beach Police Department. She was wading in the ocean around beach access No. 39 at Ozello Avenue near the golf club. She was flown via air ambulance to Shands Jacksonville hospital, according to Deputy Fire Chief Jeffrey Bunch. Bunch said the woman told him she felt something grab her leg in chest-high water. After a struggle, it let her leg go. Once ashore, her husband wrapped her leg in a towel, took her to the nearby beach house they were staying at and called 911, Bunch said. She never lost consciousness and was “remarkably calm,” he said. Her condition was not available. A nursing supervisor said she wasn’t listed in the hospital’s system early Friday evening. Florida ’s Flag Warning System is in place and “Dangerous Conditions” and “Dangerous Marine Life” flags have been placed at all guarded areas. Location supervisors are patrolling the beaches to alert visitors and advise them to use caution or elect not to swim. The Police Department also conducted air surveillance the length of Amelia Island . Police Capt. David Bishop reported seeing no evidence of sharks, although the ocean water was relatively clear. The local Civil Air Patrol has been asked to keep an eye on the shoreline throughout the weekend. Life guards also will monitor the water and report any changes. If confirmed as a shark bite, Bunch said it would become only the third such incident in Fernandina Beach since the 1890s.

40-year surfer gets 45 stitches for 1st shark bite


After surfing for 40 years off Cocoa Beach , the last thing John Vasbinder thought about was sharks. At least that was the case until a few days -- and 45 stitches -- ago. Vasbinder, district vice president of the Central Florida YMCA, was lying on his surfboard June 7, paddling out to catch another wave, when his hand hit something. Turns out, something bit his hand. "I thought I hit a dolphin or a turtle or something until I looked at my hand," Vasbinder said. "The skin on my palm was peeled back in three places and a couple of my finger tips were bleeding." A shark, possibly a bull shark, based on where the attack took place, came up from behind. "I never saw it coming," Vasbinder said. "In 40 years of surfing, this is my first scratch." His wife, who was sitting on the beach, took him to a doctor. The 45 stitches were removed Wednesday, and Vasbinder is looking forward to surfing again. "The doctor told me I'd be back in the water in a week," Vasbinder said Wednesday. For now, Vasbinder is a bit of a celebrity among his colleagues at work. "Actually, yeah. I'm to the point that I now say a dog bit me because they don't want to believe a shark bit me," Vasbinder said. As for the bite itself, Vasbinder said it didn't hurt until he got to the hospital and the doctor put the anti-infection salve on his hand. Then, it burned, he said. Vasbinder sees the whole thing in a positive light. First, it was his right hand, and Vasbinder is left-handed. So, "It worked out great," he said. Second, Vasbinder feels pretty confident about the possibility of a future attack"I say lightning doesn't strike twice, so I'm good for another 40 years."

Teen takes shark bite in stride

By HARRIET VAUGHAN • Staff Writer • June 17, 2008

BRENTWOOD — Surviving a shark bite that tore into her foot and ankle is not how 15-year-old Madi Taff planned to spend her family's annual vacation in Cherry Grove , S.C. Members of the beach patrol from the resort area just north of Myrtle Beach say they haven't seen a shark attack in at least five years. The Brentwood Academy 10th-grader spent June 1, the first day of her family's week-long vacation, at the beach with her father and 11-year-old sister. Russ Taff was reading a book several feet away from the surf while Madi waded in the hip-deep water, keeping a close eye on Charlotte Taff, who was body surfing. All of a sudden, Madi said, she felt what she thought was a crab biting her ankle. Attempts to shake the creature off were futile. Unaware that a 5-foot long sand bar shark, also known as a black tip shark, was latched onto her, Madi walked to the shore where she saw her foot bleeding profusely. Her dad rushed to help her just before members of the beach patrol swooped in on the scene. They confirmed what Charlotte had just said: It was a shark bite. While everyone was in a rush to treat her, Madi said, she remained calm. She even took a picture of the bite with her cell phone. "They were all freaked out and concerned. When you say 'shark bite,' it sounds really bad and you always imagine your leg getting bit off or something," she said. But she was lucky, suffering only puncture wounds that called for 16 stitches and a week on crutches. In fact, she was so calm, she called her father on the way to the hospital and asked him to bring her makeup. Despite the attack, Madi insisted her family finish their vacation, and she even ventured back to the beach . . . though not into the water. Madi's mother said the attack hasn't broken Madi's spirit. In fact, she is planning to go on a beach vacation with a friend's family next week. "This is going to be one of those things she looks back on and (will) feel grateful that it wasn't worse, grateful that she was protected," Tori Taff said. As for next year's family trip, Tori Taff says she is "looking to have a land-locked vacation."

Shark rips off teenager's right hand in Brazil

June 2, 2008 - 12:17pm

SAO PAULO , Brazil (AP) - A shark ripped off the right hand of a teenager swimming along the coast of northeastern Brazil , fire department officials said Monday. Pernambuco state fire department spokesman Marcio Maia said 14-year-old Wellington dos Santos was attacked on Sunday after he swam beyond a coral reef that keeps sharks away from the beach of Piedade near the state capital, Recife . Lifeguards rescued dos Santos and rushed him to a hospital, where he was reported to be in critical but stable condition, Maia said. Besides severing dos Santos ' hand, the shark "bit off a large chunk of his buttocks," Maia said. "People insist on ignoring the sign posts warning of the danger of shark attacks, especially beyond the coral reefs about 150 meters (490 feet) from the beach," Maia said. The attack was the 51st since authorities started keeping count of shark attacks in the area in 1992. Maia said that sharks have killed 19 people in Pernambuco state over the past 15 years.

Third Mexican shark attack injures 49-year-old American

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 May, 2008 : - - Acapulco -- A shark injured a 49-year-old American surfer Saturday off the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the third attack in a month. The Mexican Navy deployed personnel to warn people about sharks at beaches in Zihuatanejo, a resort northwest of Acapulco, according to a Navy official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information. He said authorities have not closed beaches in Zihuatanejo, but people were being advised against swimming. A day earlier, a 21-year-old Mexican surfer was killed by a shark off a nearby beach. The two attacks came a month after a shark killed a San Francisco man surfing in the same area.Local Civil Protection director Jaime Vazquez Sobreira said the American attacked Saturday lost his thumb but managed to get to a hospital on his own and was in stable condition.The Guerrero state Public Safety Department identified the man as Bruce Greems but did not give his hometown in the U.S. Vazquez Sobreira said he lived in Zihuatanejo. The U.S. Embassy confirmed an American had been bitten by a shark but did not have additional information.Mexican authorities used baited hooks to catch sharks last month after the attack that killed 24-year-old Adrian Ruiz of San Francisco. Local conservationists protested the hunt, and it was not immediately clear if authorities would do it again.Arturo Sabas de la Rosa Camacho, the Guerrero state environment secretary, said the government would hold meetings in Zihuatanejo next week with tourists, environmentalists, shark experts and fishermen to determine what actions to take. "We need scientific explanations for the shark presence, and if it's because of climate changes," he said.Cold currents and an abundance of giant squid and other prey may be attracting sharks to the area, said Jose Leonardo Castillo Geniz, a shark expert with the National Fishing Institute. He said a large shark presence was unusual for the region. Geniz said the authorities should close beaches in Zihuatanejo instead of killing sharks. He also called for aerial surveys to determine what species has been attacking surfers.Aida Navarro, of the environmental group Costasalvaje, urged the government to post warning signs at Zihuatanejo's beaches. "Killing sharks is not the solution to preventing encounters with humans," Navarro said. She noted that some shark species are under threat from overfishing.


Encounter with shark -May 10

SYDNEY: An Australian swimmer who was mauled by a 16-foot shark and survived said he saw a shadow in the water seconds before the attack and thought it was a dolphin. The shark, believed to be a Great White, seized Jason Cull by the left leg as he was swimming at Middleton Beach in southwestern Australia on Saturday. Mr. Cull, 37, survived after grappling with the beast and after a lifeguard at the beach came to his aid. The shark was one of three that swimmers reported seeing at the beach on Saturday. Officials closed the beach after the attack.Tom Marron, a spokesman for the lifeguards at the beach, said volunteer lifesaver Joanne Lucas leapt into the water to help Mr. Cull after swimmers at the beach started panicking when they saw him struggling. “She heard the cries and knew they needed assistance and went straight in.” — AP


Wading boy, 6, bitten by shark

May 8, 2008

: NEW SMYRNA BEACH - A 6-year-old Deltona boy was bitten by a shark just before noon Wednesday as he waded in the water off New Smyrna Beach.Although the boy was taken by ambulance to a hospital for stitches, the bite on his left foot was minor, said Capt. Scott Petersohn of the Volusia County Beach Patrol.It was the 11th shark bite this year in Volusia County.While other shark bites in the New Smyrna area have been in the area of the South Jetty, this was near the 27th Avenue approach, about five miles south of the jetties, Petersohn said. That is a popular area of the beach, at the south end of the driving zone, he said.The boy was in about 18 inches of water, no more than a couple of yards from the shore, when he felt the bite and walked out of the water, Petersohn said.

U.S. surfer dies in shark attack in Mexico

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) -- A U.S. surfer was killed in a shark attack off Mexico's southern Pacific coast, officials said Tuesday 4/29/08. The San Francisco, California, man bled to death Monday after a gray shark bit his right thigh, leaving a 15-inch (38-centimeter) wound, the Guerrero state Public Safety Department said in a statement.The U.S. Embassy in Mexico could not immediately confirm the man's name, but local authorities identified him as a 24-year-old who was surfing with a fellow American. The other man was not injured.he attack occurred at the Troncones beach, about 45 minutes west by car from the beach resort of Ixtapa.The statement said the victim suffered wounds "that reached from the hip to the knee, exposing the femur."The victim was still alive when he was brought back to the beach. It took so long for the ambulance to reach the relatively isolated, undeveloped beach that a bystander took the victim to a local hospital in his car.The man died from loss of blood a few minutes after reaching the hospital, according to the statement.Shark attacks are relatively rare in Mexico. In 2006, the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History reported only one attack in Mexico, which was not fatal.


Sharks Bite 3 Swimmers In 3 Days

Number Of Bites Ahead Of Record 'Year Of Shark' Totals

POSTED: 2:57 pm EDT April 28, 2008 UPDATED: 9:23 am EDT April 29, 2008

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- Swimmers were again cleared from a New Smyrna Beach Monday after a third swimmer in three days was bitten by a shark and treated at a hospital.The latest victim was the ninth recorded shark bite of the year in Volusia County, putting the number of bites ahead of the record breaking "Year Of The Shark" in 2001, according to beach records. Monday's bite happened when an 18-year-old was trying to get back on a surfboard near the Ponce De Leon Inlet's south jetty.The victim received stitches at a Central Florida hospital.Several shark sightings in the water prompted lifeguards to clear the water Monday, Local 6 reported.Meanwhile, over the weekend two different swimmers were treated at hospitals after being bitten by sharks.A 24-year-old man stepped off of his surfboard in chest-deep water near a jetty in New Smyrna Beach Sunday and was bitten on his right calf.He was taken to Bert Fish Medical Center and treated.On Saturday, a 21-year-old man was treated at a hospital after a shark bit his foot while he was surfing in the same area Saturday.Officials said Mark Pattison of Lake Mary was injured Saturday after he got of his surfboard near a jetty in New Smyrna Beach.


Second Surfer Bitten By Shark In New Smyrna Beach

Sunday, April 27, 2008 7:06:49 PM

Previous Story: Shark Bites Man In New Smyrna Beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- For the second time this weekend, a surfer was attacked by a shark in New Smyrna Beach.The beach patrol said a 24-year-old man stepped off his surfboard in chest deep water Sunday and was bitten on his calf.The victim's injuries were not described as serious.On Saturday, another man had to undergo surgery after a shark bit his foot.Lifeguards said conditions were ripe for more shark attacks, especially near the jetty in New Smyrna Beach.Sky 13 captured sharks and swimmers just feet apart in the water on April 22.


4/26 A surfer in New Smyrna Beach also found himself in some trouble when he was bitten by a shark Sunday morning. He suffered several puncture wounds, but was able to drive himself to the hospital.

Swimmer killed by suspected white shark off Solana Beach San Diego

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 April, 2008 : - - San Diego -- A shark believed to be a great white killed a 66-year-old swimmer with a single, giant bite across both legs Friday as the man trained with a group of triathletes, authorities and witnesses said. Dave Martin, a retired veterinarian from Solana Beach , was attacked at San Diego County 's Tide Beach around 7 a.m., authorities and family friend Rob Hill said. Martin was taken to a lifeguard station for emergency treatment but was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a statement on the Solana Beach city Web site. His injuries crossed both thighs, San Diego County sheriff's Sgt. Randy Webb said in a news release. Scripps Institution of Oceanography shark expert Richard Rosenblatt says the shark was probably a great white between 12 and 17 feet long. "It looks like the shark came up, bit him, and swam away," said Dismas Abelman, the Solana Beach deputy fire chief. There was a single bite across both of Martin's legs, Abelman said. The attack took place about 150 yards offshore. Several swimmers wearing wetsuits were in a group when the shark attacked, lifeguard Craig Miller said. Two swimmers were about 20 yards ahead of the man when they heard him scream for help. They turned around and dragged him back to shore. Swimmers were ordered out of the water for a 17-mile stretch around the attack site and county authorities sent up helicopters to scan the waters for the shark. Eight miles of beach were closed. "The shark is still in the area. We're sure of that," Mayor Joe Kellejian said. Hill, a member of the Triathlon Club of San Diego, said he was running on the beach while about nine other members were in the water when the attack took place. "They saw him come up out of the water, scream 'shark,' flail his arms and go back under," Hill said. "The flesh was just hanging," and Martin may have bled to death before he left the water, Hill said. A witness, Ira Opper, described the victim as "burly and athletic." He said the man was wearing a black wetsuit that was shredded on both legs. Club members had been meeting at the beach for at least six years and never had seen a shark, Hill said.

Shark bites teen surfer in Volusia

April 21, 2008

A 14-year-old girl was bitten on the foot by a shark while surfing Sunday morning, the Volusia County Beach Patrol said. The teen was surfing near Minorca condominiums between 8 and 9a.m. when she stepped off her board in knee-deep water and was bitten on her right foot. She was taken to Bert Fish Memorial Hospital and treated for puncture wounds and lacerations. Beach Patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn said that the area where the incident took place is where about 90 percent of Volusia County's shark bites happen.

Teen killed in shark attack off Australian coast   

Tuesday (4/8/08) (followup-5/13)

16-year-old boy was swimming off Ballina, about 650 kilometers north of Sydney

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- A shark attacked and killed a 16-year-old boy Tuesday (4/8/08) while he and a friend were bodyboarding off Australia's eastern coast, officials said.Peter Edmonds was about 50 yards from shore when the shark attacked around 8 a.m., lifeguard spokesman Stephen Leahy said.Edmonds suffered two large bites, one to the leg and one to the body. He died of extreme blood loss while lifeguards and paramedics tried to save him.It was the first fatal shark attack in Australia in two years.All nearby beaches were closed as a precaution, and crews were looking for the shark in the waters off Ballina, about 400 miles north of Sydney, Leahy said.Edmonds' bodyboarding friend, Brock Mathew, was leaving the water when he looked back and saw Edmonds "in a bit of trouble" and swam back to his friend, who he thought was trying to catch a wave.Mathew said he saw a "big, gray shadow" pass by him as he paddled to his friend, who was by then face down in the water."I thought he was only joking, so I went over to him and as I flipped him over I saw his leg," said Mathew, who dragged his friend to shore and tried with lifeguards to resuscitate him."He didn't make one noise," Mathew said.Edmonds' 20-year-old sister, Kylie, said her parents were numb from the sudden loss."They lost their baby -- what more can you say? The only boy in the family," she said.Leahy said there had been three shark alarms sounded in Ballina in recent months.Heavy rainfall over the past two days had made the area more susceptible to attacks, because sharks congregate near river mouths to feed in rainy weather. The beach where the attack occurred is just north of the Richmond River estuary.It wasn't known what type of shark attacked the teenager, though residents said bull sharks had been spotted in recent days.Detective Inspector Steve Clark said Mathew would be considered for a bravery medal for going back into the water to rescue his friend despite seeing the shark nearby.There are about 15 shark attacks a year in Australian waters -- one of the highest rates in the world -- but on average just over one attack per year is fatal.In January, a fisherman survived a bite by a shark he had reeled onto his boat deck. In December, a surfer was attacked by a shark at a beach north of Sydney, but his injuries were not life-threatening

Shark bites surfer

Reported by: WPTV staff Last Update: 4/03 3:28 pm 

(WPTV Staff) A shark took a bite out of a surfer at New Smyrna Beach today.18-year-old Joey Giangrasso was in waist-deep water near the south jetty when the shark approached.This was the fourth reported shark attack in Volusia County this year and might be the most serious.Doctors say the shark just missed a main artery and took a huge chunk out of the top and side of Giangrasso's foot.He was taken to Bert Fish Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach. He is sedated and might need surgery.However, his mom says, even this close call won't keep her surfer son from the water. All the shark bites this year in Volusia County have happened in the same area.

Surfer Bitten By Shark At Local Beach


updated 12:45 p.m. ET, Fri., April. 4, 200

David MacAnally/Eyewitness NewsPendleton - An Indiana mom and her kids are back home following a spring break vacation that sent her to the hospital with a shark bite. It happened in the Atlantic Ocean near Cocoa Beach."It was probably in the 80's. My children and I were out boggie boarding on the waves," said Teresa Holloway describing their Florida vacation. But then a Spring Break trip for the Pendleton family turned from fun to fear."I was riding the waves in and all of a sudden I felt something very sharp on my foot," said Holloway.She feared for her three children. Her 16-year-old son was farther out. "I was thinking so many thoughts that second. Something had hold of me and I just needed to get away. It had to be something with a really large mouth since my whole foot was in it's mouth."Her legs were her weapons against a threat she couldn't see but had to shake."It had to be a shark," she said. "I just kept kicking as hard as I could. I don't think he was on me very long but I wasn't going to give him a second chance."She kicked the shark loose just as her son swam in to help her."He was on his way up and he kicked it out of the way. He didn't want to see what it was because my mom was yelling and stuff," Holloway's daughter later told a Florida television station."There were some men on the beach that had helped him drag me out of the water. They immediately found someone's shirt and wrapped it around my foot cause it was bleeding pretty badly," said Teresa. "Basically the top of my foot was filleted open so they had to tack that down. The bottom just looked like somebody took a knife and was cutting up and down my foot."Despite the bite, she says she will go back into the water. "The doctor told me at the hospital I had a better chance of getting struck by lightening. That's not funny because our house was hit by lightening and burned."It was not Great White but a small or baby shark. Teresa says she's thankful it was her and not her kids.The Florida television station says a check turned up two other bite victims there in the last year.


Shark bite gives Mayfield student Nick Canganelli a good story

Tuesday, April 01, 2008Patrick O'DonnellPlain Dealer Reporter

Mayfield -- The shark bite on Nick Canganelli's shin is no big deal for West Palm Beach, Fla., where it takes a gory mauling to attract attention. But at Mayfield High School, where classmates have only had to dodge the gaping jaws of vicious Lake Erie perch, it's a major happening. Nick, 15, said the one-bite attack just a few feet offshore from a Palm Beach Shores hotel last week made him a celebrity at school Monday. Photos of his bite are being passed around on the cell phones of classmates. And his mother, Toni, said she heard strangers talking about the bite at a dentist's office Monday. "I have a lot more people coming up to me and talking to me now," Nick said after school Monday, before joking, "I finally have friends." The family of six flew to Palm Beach just before Easter for a short vacation. Over that weekend, Nick and his three siblings were often in the water up to their chests. On Tuesday, March 25, Palm Beach Shores police said public beaches were closed because sharks had been spotted near shore feeding on schools of fish in shallow waters. The Marriott hotel where they stayed warned guests about going in the water but mostly because of rough waves, which Nick and his brothers had fun riding in a raft. When a school of fish came near shore, Nick said, he and his brothers tried to catch them by hand. His brother Anthony ran ashore for a pail and told their mother he had seen a dolphin catch a fish. Then Nick, up to his knees in water, felt a bite he compared to a bad dog bite. "When I turned around to look, I saw the fin out of the water and this gray thing swam away," he said. His brother and a nearby surfer estimated the "dolphin" was 6 feet long. Doctors at a hospital later told him it was probably a Spinner shark, which bites its prey and rotates to tear it apart. The round wound, about the size of an orange, needed 12 stitches. Police and paramedics confirmed the incident but could not verify the bite was from a shark since they did not see it. Police classified the attack as "minor." Doctors are telling Nick that the wound is healing fine and that he can return to track practice when stitches come out. He says he'll be careful in the water now, the family is more relieved than shaken. "It worked out," said his mother. "He's OK. And he's got a good story."


2008.03.21       21-Mar-2008    USA     Florida Beachway Avenue Approach, New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County            Wading

2008.03.21       23-Mar-2008    USA     Florida South of Ponce de Leon Jetty, New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County            Walking out of the water after surfing


Tom Larkin Spots a Great White Shark at Huntington Beach

March 7, 2009

Are the waters safe at Huntington Beach (HB)? Not according to Huntington Beach surfer Tom Larkin. Larkin claims he was attacked by a shark. Some experts believe it was a great white shark based on analysis of Mr. Larkin's surfboard.Authorities cannot confirm nor deny the alleged shark attack, but they seem quite doubtful. Other beach goers at Huntington point to the large number of dead sea lions washing ashore as evidence. But experts point out that the bodies are intact, where if a great white shark were responsible, they would be mangled.Personally I would be more worried about the potential of septic, polluted waters and over exposure to UV than I would be of running into a great white shark. But that's just me.

Shark attack at HTB Huntington Beach — On March 7, 2008 Thomas Larkin was surfing with two friends. He recounted the following; “I was surfing a 6’6” Avisco (carbon fiber) Surf Prescriptions Bat Tail Quad. I paddled out at Dog Beach near Huntington Cliffs around 7:10 in the morning at a pretty full high tide. Dog Beach is located in a stretch of Huntington City Beach between Seapoint Street and Golden West Street. I was meeting two friends there, Matt Donoghue and Craig Angel. The current was moving around a lot of water, and both of them were on longboards, so about 20 minutes into the surf I was tired of paddling over to them on my shortboard, and was surfing pretty much alone. There were two bodyboarders about 100 yards north of me, and I was almost due west of the ramp walkway. At about 8:00 AM, I caught my best wave of the session, and even though Matt and Craig had already gotten out, I wanted one more. I paddled back out and was sitting in the lineup alone, with the closest surfers about 200 yards south, and the bodyboarders were inside and north. I was waiting for a set for about 5 minutes when I felt a jolt down on the tail of my board, immediately followed by violent bubble cascade, which sunk the board down about another 8 inches. I didn’t really get what was going on as quickly as I should have, but as soon as it begun it had ended and I was apparently alone again. A wave popped up, I paddled into it but pearled because of the water in the nose of my board, I quickly got back on and paddled into the whitewater of the next wave and boogie boarded it to the beach where I emptied the board through the apparent bite mark." The diameter of the bite suggests an adult White Shark in excess of 15 feet in length. Caution should be exercised when utilizing this location for your ocean water activities. Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.


Great white 'ate anti-shark device'

Pia Akerman | March 01, 2008

AN electronic device designed to ward sharks away from surfers failed so spectacularly during a trial off South Africa that it was eaten by a great white.An inquest heard yesterday the Shark Shield surf model was activated on a float carrying bait when the 3.6m female shark approached. Rather than being deterred by the device, the shark, under the gaze of the Natal Sharks Board, bit into it. South Australian Deputy State Coroner Tony Schapel yesterday heard of the test failure during the inquest into the death of Jarrod Stehbens, who was taken by a great white shark while diving off Glenelg in South Australia in 2005. The inquest has turned into a trial of Shark Shield devices, hearing concerns that the electronic fields generated to repel sharks may attract them. Studying cuttlefish for the University of Adelaide at the time of his death, Stehbens had been provided with two Shark Shields on his dive boat by university staff - but he either didn't know they were there or chose not to use them. University staff have told Mr Schapel they questioned the Shark Shields' efficacy and believed there might be long-term health risks from using them. As a result, the devices were not compulsory. Rod Hartley, director of Sea Change Technology, which manufactures the Shark Shields, yesterday took the stand to defend his product. "There is no doubt whatsoever that it does not attract sharks," he said. He told Mr Schapel he believed a disgruntled surfer had started the rumour. "Nobody wearing a Shark Shield has ever been attacked by a shark," he added. Mr Hartley said the failed South African test on the surf unit - which has been held back from release into the marketplace - was due to a problem with the electrode's configuration. The device was now packaged with a large disclaimer warning it would only repel sharks when the surfer was still in the water waiting for a wave. "The surf product only can be guaranteed to work when it's stationary, not when it's surfing in the wave or paddling," Mr Hartley said. CSIRO shark expert Barry Bruce has told the inquest the shark that killed Stehbens was in "full predatory strike" mode and would have been nearly impossible to deter. His body was never recovered. Mr Schapel will publish his findings at a later date.

Man fatally bitten by shark off S. Fla. ID'd

By Andrew Ba Tran |

3:27 PM EST, February 25, 2008

An Austrian man bitten by a shark while diving over the weekend near the Bahamas has died, authorities said Monday.The man "passed away from his injuries sustained by a shark bite," said Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer Jennifer Johnson.The victim was identified as Markus Groh, 49, of Vienna, according to Ken Smeriglio, an assistant in the Austrian Consulate in Miami.Groh was diving about 50 miles east of Fort Lauderdale on Sunday at about 10 a.m. when a shark bit him, according to officials.The service dispatched a rescue helicopter, and its crew hoisted the man off the boat and flew him to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.A crewmember aboard the 70-foot Shear Water had contacted the Coast Guard. The blue commercial diving vessel is registered to Jim Abernathy's Scuba Adventures from Riviera Beach.The company offers shark trips to the Bahamas for enthusiasts and photographers hoping to interact with hammerhead and tiger sharks, according to its Web site.Operators for the company stir in fish and fish parts to "chum" the water and attract the sharks, reads the itinerary. "Please be aware that these are not 'cage' dives; they are open water experiences," states the Web site.Abernathy had been told by the Bahamas Diving Association to exercise caution with more aggressive sharks such as mako, lemon, tiger and hammerhead sharks.


Shark scare 12 February 2008 - 9:47AM
Matt Miller

A YOUNG South West Rocks surfer was attacked by a shark last Thursday while surfing her local break. Fiona Casey, 14, was surprised and a little shocked when the shark attacked her in Horseshoe Bay. Fiona was paddling back out to the break after catching a wave when she felt something hit her arm hard. She lashed out and hit the one-metre shark with her elbow. Remarkably Fiona sustained no serious injuries as her wetsuit protected her from the shark’s coarse skin, but she was rather shocked and received a ‘dead arm’ after hitting the fish. “My dad is a trawler and I’ve been fishing with him a lot and I’ve seen heaps of sharks so I’m positive it was a shark I saw,” Fiona said. The ocean on Thursday afternoon was very murky and dirty from the river run-off, which created very low visibility in the surf. Fiona is a passionate young surfer and when she was asked if she got out of the water following the incident she laughed.“I was scared but the waves were just too good,” she saidAt 7.30pm on the same day surfers at Horseshoe Bay spotted another shark as the sun was setting.This time the shark really spooked the three surfers who all hastily exited the water and didn’t return.

Shark bite reported near PAFB

Feb. 6, 2008


A surfer across from Patrick Air Force Base's main entrance off State Road A1A has suffered an apparent shark bite, witnesses said. The man, who was not identified, refused treatment. Jon Humphrey, 33, said he and a friend had paddled out about 50 to 100 feet off the beach when another surfer near them began shouting "shark!" Humphrey said he looked up and the guy was "punching a shark that was on his foot." "He got onto the beach and was holding his foot," said Humphrey, who along with his friend grabbed a T-shirt and wrapped the man's foot. He said the wound appeared to be bad enough to require stitches. The water "blew up" around him, Humphrey said. He slipped off his board and went to shore. Humphrey said the shark appeared to be about 3 feet long. "I think I'm done here for the day," Humphrey said.

Paddler escapes shark attack  

  Saturday, 02 February 2008 

Written by: Tommy Ballantyne
South Africa - Glenwood surfski paddler Wayne Symington, 42, had a close encounter with a 2m blacktip shark while on a training stint 3km off the Suncoast Pirates beach on Tuesday when he was thrown off his ski."I was paddling at a fast rate out near where the ships are anchored when I was catapulted out of my ski when the shark hit the rear, tearing a big chunk out of it."I knew immediately it was a shark which had attacked me and that to survive I would have to get back on my ski as fast as possible, which I managed to do and luckily I still had my paddle in my hand," said Symington."As I turned the ski back towards the shore it began to sink as water poured in through the hole, but a big bubble of air got trapped up front and the nose of the ski lifted out of the water."I guess it took me about half-an-hour to get back to the line of shark nets and I was functioning on pure prayer and adrenaline," he said.He had to jump off his ski at the nets to drag his ski over them after it became snagged before he got back to the beach safely.On Wednesday Symington paid a visit to Jeremy Cliff, the curator of the Natal Sharks Board, who matched the imprint of the shark's bite on the ski with a specimen of a blacktip's jaws and estimated the length of the shark to be 2m.


Brevard County Surfer Attacked By Shark, Finds Teeth In Foot

(removed from records??)POSTED: 8:34 am EST January 18, 2008  wftv

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- A Brevard County man told Channel 9 a shark bite won't keep him from surfing again.Jordan Marsden is still on crutches, a week after he was attacked by a small shark while surfing at Playalinda Beach. Marsden realized something was wrong after he felt an excruciating pain in his foot."It felt like my foot got run over by a car, at first, and there was a lot of pressure and I put my foot down and then I jerked away and that's how I got the teeth in my foot," Marsden recalled.After getting x-rays, doctors found two small teeth in Marsden's foot. Even after examining the teeth, Marsden said he still isn't sure what kind of shark it was.It's rare to see shark bites in January, but the warmer weather brings more surfers into the water, which increases the risk of an attack.

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